Automatic Door/Rolling Door/Rolling Door Motor

With Manual OverrideMechanical End Stroke Serie Ø92M, with Manual Override     92M,.      Articolo           Item                &nbs

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Automatic Door/Rolling Door/Roller Shutter Door Motor

With Manual Override
Mechanical End Stroke

Serie Ø92M, with Manual Override     
Articolo           Item                     Modello  Model                       Alimentazione Power Supply      Coppia  Torque                 Velocita Speed                    Potenza asscrbita Absorbed power                   Corrente assorbita Current consumption                        Giri finecorsa                      Limit Switch Rotation                       Misura
   Nmgiri/min. rpmWA C (mm)
300.170.16MS92M-170/16230V AC/50Hz170168303.6013620-670
300.180.12MS92M-180/12230V AC/50Hz180128203.5513620-670
300.230.12MS92M-140/12230V AC/50Hz230128703.8013620-670
300.300.9MS92M-300/12230V AC/50Hz30098003.5013620-670
300.330.9MS92M-330/12230V AC/50Hz33098303.6013620-670
300.300.10MS92M-300/10230V AC/50Hz300108503.7013620-670
300.330.10MS92M-330/10230V AC/50Hz330108753.8013620-670
300.350.9MS92M-350/9230V AC/50Hz35098503.7013620-670
300.400.7MS92M-400/7230V AC/50Hz40079204.0013620-670
300.450.7MS92M-450/7230V AC/50Hz45079404.2013620-670
300.500.6MS92M-500/6230V AC/50Hz50069904.3013620-670
300.550.6MS92M-550/6230V AC/50Hz550610204.4013620-670

Automatic Door/Rolling Door/Roller Shutter Door MotorAutomatic Door/Rolling Door/Roller Shutter Door Motor
Tubular motor Series   
SeriesModelDiaapplied TypeTorque N.m
35 SeriesS3535mmOct-40Standard+Mechanical Limited Switch 6~10
S35R35mmOct-40Remote Control + Mechanical Limited Switch 6~10
S35E35mmOct-40Remote Control + ELectronic Limited Switch  + Automatic Switch-off6~10
45 SeriesS4545mmOct-60Standard+Mechanical Limited Switch 20~60
S45M45mmOct-60Manual Override + Mechanical Limited Switch 20~60
S45R45mmOct-60Remote Control + Mechanical Limited Switch  20~50
S45RM45mmOct-60Manual Override +Remote Control + Mechanical End Stroke20~50
S45E45mmOct-60Remote Control + ELectronic Limited Switch  + Automatic Switch-off20~50
59 SeriesS5959mmOct-70Standard+Mechanical Limited Switch 60~150
S59M59mmOct-70Manual Override + Mechanical Limited Switch 60~150
S59R59mmOct-70Remote Control + Mechanical Limited Switch  60~120
92 SeriesS92M92mm/Manual Override + Mechanical Limited Switch 170-550
We also accept customized requirements !

Motor Type Explanation
A. Standard Type: Means the motor can be connected to a switch with power cable.
B. Remote Control Type: There is a built-in receiver in the motor, and can be controlled by a remote controller or a wall type radio transmitter.
C. Manual Override: Can be understood as there is a gear winch in the head of the motor. It is designed in case there is an electricity cut-off, the motor can still work. It can be driven up and down by a hand crank.
D. Mechanical Limited Switch: The limited travel distance of the motor was adjusted by a rod tool.
E. Electronic Limited Switch: the limited travel distance of the motor is adjusted by the remote controller electronically.

Specification Explanation:
IP44 : Protection class (It means that it can prevent solid blocks with diameter over 1mm from invading the motor tube and prevent liquids splashed in all directions0
Torque: It is related to the load capacity and the radius of the driving tube. Torque (N.m) =Radius(mm) X load(kg)/100
Automatic Door/Rolling Door/Roller Shutter Door Motor
Automatic Door/Rolling Door/Roller Shutter Door Motor

Automatic Door/Rolling Door/Roller Shutter Door Motor< Our Advantages >

Warranty & After-sales Service
We offer 5 years after-sales service compared to 1 year other suppliers can provide .

Excellent Quality
We have 100% motors inspected and tested before packing.

Professional service
 We've been in roller shutter area for more than 15 years , and we specialize in tubular motor for window & door use .

< FAQ >
(1) Q: Do you offer OEM service?
      A: Yes .

(2) Q: What is your payment term?
   A: 30% T/T in advance, 70% balance when receiving B/L copy .Or irrevocable L/C.

(3) Q: What is your lead time?
   A: Normally about 25-30 days upon deposit or original L/C.

(4) Q: What certificates do you have?
   A: We have LVD, EMC. And we can apply for specific certificate for different country if it's     necessary .

(5) Q: Is it possible to visit your factory?
A: Sure. We welcome you to come to china, just kindly keep us informed a few days in advance so that we can check our schedule to see if we are available then.

(6) Q: Can I get some samples?
A: Yes , but first we need to check the stock . Sample and delivery fee can be refund if an official order is placed .

(7) Q: Is there a MOQ for your motors?
A: Normally our MOQ is between 500-1000 pcs for different models after sample approval. Smaller orders please contact us to let us see if the stock is available .

Automatic Door/Rolling Door/Roller Shutter Door Motor
Automatic Door/Rolling Door/Roller Shutter Door Motor
With 16-year experience in roller shutter field, we, SIGATE GROUP, can professionally provide you with :

1. Full range of roller shutter accessories.
2. Tubular motors 35mm, 45mm, 59mm and 92mm, Central Motors.
3. Insect Screens System and components.
4. Extruded Aluminum Profiles.

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Automatic Door/Rolling Door/Roller Shutter Door Motor


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