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2022-08-26 20:06:58 By : Mr. Tommy Hao

EV Start-up Corrit Electric today announced the launch of two new low-speed electric fat tire bikes, the Hover 2.0 and Hover 2.0 +, Bringing in advancements to the original Hover Scooter, Hover 2.0 is priced at INR 79,999, and Hover 2.0+ at INR 89,999. Keeping demand, accessibility and user convenience in mind, the company also opened its FIRST ever offline store at Gaur City Mall, Greater Noida where the bikes will be available for sale alongside online channels.

Hover 2.0 is backed with a 1.5 kWh battery, whereas Hover 2.0+ comes with a 1.8KWh battery. Both the bikes have a top speed of 25kmph and are capable of going from 0-25 km/h in just 3 seconds. Furthermore, Hover 2.0 has a range of 80 KMs in full charge, while Hover 2.0 + has a range of 110 KMs in full charge. The Hover 2.0 and 2.0 + variants will be available in 4 colors namely Red, Yellow, Black and White Both Hover 2.0 and Hover 2.0 + are equipped with the latest Instrument Cluster, Combination Switch, and an improved Lock System. Both the newly launched versions are compatible with custom bike covers and the latest mobile holders, which will be complimentary with Hover 2.0+, but sold as accessories for Hover 2.0. All the Hover fat tire bikes are being manufactured in India at Corrit Electric’s factory in Greater Noida.

Talking about the launch and the store opening, Mayur Misra, Founder, and Director of Corrit Electric said, “We are excited to bring two new versions of the OG Hover to the market. It has been such a learning curve for us as a brand that is focused on innovation. What excites us the most is that we are bringing such a unique and stylish-looking bike to the streets of the country, ensuring the highest level of safety and efficiency. Our goal is to build a community of smart travelers that focus on energy efficiency and are working towards a greener economy.” He added, “We are confident that our products, Hover 2.0 and Hover 2.0 +, will transform how consumers commute. Well-equipped with the latest technology, we have tried to keep a digital-first approach, especially by introducing our new app that will keep users abreast with the anti-theft alarm, ignition, and geofencing. On the business front, the offline store at Gaur City Mall, Greater Noida is just the beginning for us. Over the next 3 months, we are looking at opening 3 stores across Delhi NCR. We are aggressively working towards expanding our footprint across the country with 50 offline dealerships by March 2023.”

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