2022-09-23 20:16:10 By : Ms. Michelle Jiang

It was an inspirational day at the 7th Annual Eyeballerz Car Show. You could feel the spirit of Johnathan Gray all around. Let's take a look back and celebrate his life and legacy.

Whether you wanted to show off your classic car or check out the best vintage vehicles, there was something for everyone at the Eyeballerz Car Show Fundraiser. Saturday, September 17th, 2022, was a beautiful day at Myer Creek Park in Calhoun. Friends and family gathered to celebrate Johnathan Gray. His life was tragically cut short years ago on July 19th, 2015 by a drunk driver. He was just 24 years old. It was a blow to all who knew him. He accomplished so much in his short life and continues to inspire so many. Eyeballerz was created to keep his legacy alive and help those in need. Through their car shows and fundraising efforts, they donate all year to impact the communities Johnathan loved. It was an emotional, inspirational, and beautiful day of giving. I was blessed to be a small part of it.

WOW !! What a great day today at our 7th annual Eyeballerz car show event. We truly thank all those from vendors to spectators to Eyeballerz staff and all those who brought cars out to Myer Creek!! All funds raised today will go toward local needs as well as Christmas Wish 2022. God Bless❤️ Glen and Johnna Gray

Great day, good people. Thanks, guys. See you next year! - Mike Collins

Had a great time enjoying all the cars and motorcycles. - William Sharp

Beautiful day and lots of fun! - Sarah Wilson-Melton

You could feel the spirit of Johnathan throughout the day. My friend, Rae Moffett Jones captured this perfect moment. A butterfly stayed with Johnna (Johnathan's Mom) for over five minutes. It flew all around her and kept landing in different places. It was a special moment in time to feel Johnathan's presence. I may have shed a tear or two!

The Eyeballerz Car Show seeks to use the unique innovation vision of the automobile world, inspired by Johnathan Gray to change our community by raising funds for those in need. In addition, our Show creates and builds on scholarships with our local high schools for students seeking mechanic and welding degrees. The number one mission of Eyeballerz is to raise awareness of the impact of drinking and driving on us all. We invite everyone to our annual event to help us continue the inspiration sparked by Johnathan’s dream. By joining our team we can pull our efforts and resources together to use this one man’s vision to help others see through difficult times.