CE Certified Automatic Sliding Door Opener

6years warranty with CE approved Small sliding Automatic Door OpenerStandard Fittings,A)1 x Micro Computer ControllerB)1 x DC Brushless Motor with Built-in Electric LockC)1 x 4.2m Track Profile (Mill Finish)D)1 x 4.2m Track Profile Cover (Mill Finish)E)1 x 7m Tooth BeltF)2

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6years warranty with CE approved Small sliding Automatic Door Opener

Standard Fittings,
A)1 x Micro Computer Controller
B)1 x DC Brushless Motor with Built-in Electric Lock
C)1 x 4.2m Track Profile (Mill Finish)
D)1 x 4.2m Track Profile Cover (Mill Finish)
E)1 x 7m Tooth Belt
F)2 x Remote Controller (Transmitter) for Lock
G)1 x Multi- Functions Remote Controller (Transmitter)
H)1 x Back Up Battery Pack
I)4 x 2Hanging Wheel Blocks
J)4 x 1 Hanging Wheel Blocks
K)Accessories Pack (i. E. Screws and Bolts)

Optional Fittings
B)sensor( microwave, infared)
C)access control system(keypad, ATM card reader, fu nctional program, key switch)
D)electronic lock
E)safety beam sensor
F)remote controller
G)others( grounding wheel, doorholder, etc)

18 month maintenace and 2 month for exchange

The door will be automatically bounced back and opened quickly when touching any handicap, which avoids accidents of clamping people or damaging the unit.

It can realize the adjusting function of opening the door according to the flow of people so as to improve the indoor air efficiency and save the energy.

Function Sensor outputting the signal-opening the door with acceleration-crawling- stoppage- closing the door with acceleration-crawling-pushing on the closing force.
Optional Full open/semi open function, interlocking, card swiping, electric lock

Automatic Sliding Door Operator
Sliding Door Operator, sliding door, sliding door system
Aluminium profile
Drive Operator
Sliding door operator (automatic sliding door)
1. Power supply 220V 50Hz, 110V 60Hz
2. Installaion Single and Bi-part
1. With long serve life, controller Uses the advanced CPU chip processing control system. Operating parameter be demonstrated in digital.
2. Parameter is adjusted conveniently and nimberly.
3. Can link to entrance manage system
The hoisting mechanisms
1. Advanced structural design, hoop always move on orbital.
2. Convenient altitude control
3. The guards equipment prevented the door from derailed.
4. According to your need, we make hoop of different material.
5. With high intensity, even load, steady move, the hoisting mechanisms can bear 180 kilogram.
Power girder uses aluminium alloy material, with reasonable and credible drive structure. Use life is over 1 million times of operation.
*Doors are designed from 12mm high-quality glass, with good transparency, simple structure and luxury style.
*Active doors move stably.
*Applicable to sites such as hotels, banks and office buildings etc.
Functional features:
(1)Exists in double and single sliding versions;
(2)Powerful and full functions: Offer our users 4 operating options of full automatic, half open, constant open and constant lock;
(3)Flexibility: Allows tempered glass door leaves as well as 50mm thickness wooden door leaves;
(4)Reliability: Built-in microprocessor ensures the accuracy and precision of the operation;
(5)Safety: The door leaf(ves) will go backward when people or moving obstacles approach while closing, which prevents the clamp injury and damage of the door itself.
(6)The door leaf(ves) could be deftly manually opened at a power failure;
(7)Modularization design allows a simple and easy installation;
(8)Purpose made polyurethane covered silent wheels realize quiet operations;
(9)Multiple optional access method:
A. Sensors: Microwave sensor, feet sensor;
B. Password: Password or finger print identification access;
C. Card: IC card, RFIC card;
D. Button: Elbow touch, feet touch and long-distance buttons.
Door  Typesingle doordouble door
Weight of Door<=150kg<=120kg*2
Opening  Directionoptionaloptional
Door  Width700-1300mm600-1250mm
Voltage  SupplyAC85-265V   50-60HZ
Open  Time0.5-10S (adjustable)
Opening  Speed<=400mm/s<=400mm/s
Closing  Speed<=300mm/s<=300mm/s
Manual  Force<=45N<=45N
Motor PowerDC 24V 55W Brushless motor
Controller Micro-computer processing controller
Humidity35-85%RH/No dew
35-85%RH/No dew

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