Automatic revolving door(001) Revolving glass door commercial door

Automatic Revolving Door (001) rotatable glass door commercial doorsTechnical dataPower: 50Hz 220VMotor power: 180WSliding door power: 60WLight power: 630WDoor leaf speed: 1-4circle/minRatation noise: <42dBDoor leaf torque: <2nmSpecification sizeInner dia Entrance size OuterSize Cornice height Passage height3600 1680 3814

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Automatic Revolving Door (001) rotatable glass door commercial doors

Technical data
Power: 50Hz 220V
Motor power: 180W
Sliding door power: 60W
Light power: 630W
Door leaf speed: 1-4circle/min
Ratation noise: <42dB
Door leaf torque: <2nm
Specification size
Inner dia Entrance size Outer
Size Cornice height Passage height
3600 1680 3814 300 2200
4200 1980 4414 300 2200
4800 2280 5014 300 2200
Unit: mm

Door body feature
The farme is aluminum alloy, high intensity, and good degree of finish
Various of materials and colourful outer ornament can be chose:
Such as hairline stainless steel
Mirror plate stainless steel, fluorocarbon coating aluminum, anodizing, copper decoration
(router deep processing)
Glass can choose laminated glass, hot bending glass and so on
Ceiling is composed of radial wedge plate, keep good accord with while door's material and colour
Canopy is done dust treatment, via plywood ot metal., do seal via treatment at out door
Energy saving, low noise, steadylong life
Digital programme control system, conxenient tp operate
Has anti-bump, anti-anticollision, anti-pinch and so on safety detecting function
Disable slow speed function
Emergency stop function
Automatically upgrade and adjust door speed function
Automatically stop function
Has automatic conversion of fire blackout function
Operation system
Control part adopts advanced microcimputer digital serve control,
Transmission part is imported from German to assure the door has low noise, steady and so on features.
There are below states of this system:
Normal work: The revolving door work incessantly at 2-3 circles/min
High speed: When person or other things pass through the door, , it will increase the speed at the beginning, at 4-6 circles /min speed
Slow speed: When old man, children or disabledperson pass through the door, press the slow speed
Button, it will keep the slow speed one circle, then automatically return to the normal speed.
Induction soor state: Choose the induction door state according to climate's change and the flow of people, it not only increase the plow if people, also save time and power.
Blackout and fire state: When the door receive fire or blackout signal, the door leaf and induction door will go to open state at the same time, set the door at this state at night or when the door stop working.

Safety system
Anti-bump sensor: Install forside of each show box's top, after do detected the person, the door will stop immediately to prevent the door bump the person, it will return to normal when the person went away.
Anti-clip induction gluestrip: Install the column of the show box and the right column of the door's entrance, when meet object pressed, the door will stop revolving at once to prevent hurting person
Anti-collision sensor: Installed inside of door, when the object was detected by infrared ray, the door will low speed and stop operating.
Anti-collision sensor: Install foreside of each show box, when the infrared ray detect person, the revolving door automatically stops to collision of the person.

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