13 Best Winter Gloves For Extremely Cold Weather, Per Reviews

2022-10-22 13:49:04 By : Mr. Rex Chang

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Gloves are a must-have accessory whether you like spending time outdoors in the snow, are planning a ski trip, or simply just live somewhere where it's always cold. But everyone who's experienced extreme cold knows that you can't exactly use the same gloves for skiing and snowboarding as you can to run errands or go for a hike. Winter Kitting Set

So, to determine which winter gloves are the best at withstanding extreme temperatures, I turned to online reviews for the most popular gloves people are buying. And, who's more honest than an online reviewer? Happy customers have tried and tested the bestselling gloves below, and love them for the warmth, quality, and comfort they offer.

Peep a few of the most highly-rated winter gloves, below:

Whether you're planning an adventurous trip to Alaska, going to visit your cousins in Canada for the holidays, or just want something stylish and comfortable to wear while you're driving, these winter gloves have got your back fingers. See below for the best tried-and-true winter gloves for every activity and lifestyle, per rave reviews.

These suede gloves are great to have as your basic go-to, lightweight pair for everyday use. Enabled with touchscreen technology, you can easily use your phone while wearing them, but reviewers especially rave about the super comfortable fleece lining. At $13, it's an ultra affordable option, too.

Rave review: "Very surprised at the quality of these gloves with the low price. The touchscreen tech works perfectly which is a problem I found with other gloves in this price range that I purchased last year. They are somewhat thin so won’t be a super warm snow glove, but will keep your hands warm in the fall and would be perfect for driving on the very cold days as they do have a nice, soft lining."

These waterproof and windproof gloves are for the hardcore outdoor adventurer. Used mostly by people who have to work in extremely harsh, cold temperatures, they're made to be worn in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. They're also ergonomically designed to make sure your hands still have full range of motion while being protected from the cold.

Rave review: "I work as an Aviation Line Technician in Wisconsin, and spend most of my night outside. These have held up well to exposure to jet fuel, aviation gasoline, and various oils and greases, as well as some punishing weather. The windchill dropped to -2(F) this week and they definitely were starting to let a little bit of chill in, but they have been rock solid."

If you're that person who always has cold hands, listen TF up. These electric heated gloves are literally equipped with a rechargeable battery so your hands will feel like they're indoors when you're actually out skiing or building a snowman. The double cinching on the wrists will make sure heat stays in the gloves, too.

Rave review: "I am a baby when it comes to cold hands and these gloves are the warmest I’ve ever worn! Very warm, insulated glove even before I need to turn the battery pack on. The battery pack is small and fits in a zipper pocket in the cuff (you hardly notice it). Cant wait to try these out while skiing but so far they are amazing at home while I'm hiking with my dog."

When buying winter clothes (esp ski clothes!), it's fun to incorporate some color into your wardrobe—what better way to be identifiable on the slopes? Not only is this brightly-colored pair perfect for helping you stand out, it comes in several other fun color options, that will, of course, also keep your hands warm in the snow. They're super insulated with two sets of cinching at the wrists to make sure cold air won't get in.

Bonus: They feature zippered compartments where you can hold your ID, keys, or hand warmers.

Rave review: "I love these. I recently moved to a colder climate and discovered I have Raynaud's syndrome (red, white, and blue fingers when cold). I live on a farm and have chores daily, caring for horses and farm animals. These awesome gloves have made me comfortable and changed my life!"

If you're a skier or snowboarder, you know cold hands are the one thing that can ruin a perfectly good day of fresh powder. Avoid that feeling with these slick gloves that feature rave reviews from people boasting how great the insulation and soft fleece liner feel.

Rave review: "These great gloves arrived just before a set of snowstorms and frigid weather, perfect conditions to put these to the test. Verdict? Passed with five stars and warm hands. The fit for my hands (medium) is excellent and the curved fingers make them easy to wear and work in. The soft internal liner and the insulation combined to keep my hands warm in far below freezing weather. The shell repelled water as it should and the grip material in the palms and thumb area kept tools secure in my hands."

If you live in conditions akin to Antarctica, check out these surprisingly affordable, thin gloves. Made specifically for sub-zero conditions down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, they're a nice, lightweight must-have for everyday wear. They're even touchscreen-compatible so you can contribute to the squad's group text while staying nice and warm.

Rave review: "I have Raynaud’s syndrome (bad circulation in my hands and feet) and these gloves are a lifesaver! My friend that I run with (she’s also a doctor) recommended these to me. I bought them and went for a run when it was 19 degrees out and my hands didn’t even feel the cold. They were even slightly sweaty by the end of my three mile-long run. Also, the touchscreen compatibility works. I was able to hit the 'Outdoor Run' button on my Apple Watch with no problems."

These gloves are great for around 30-degree weather, according to reviews. Featuring amazing insulation, they have a comfy wrist strap to make sure they don't fall off or let too much cold air in, whether you're skiing, snowboarding, or riding ATVs.

Rave review: "These gloves are excellent for cold weather...used them to ride ATVs in 30-degree weather, and my fingers never got cold, unlike other gloves that say they will keep your hands warmer than other manufactured gloves. I will buy again..."

Everyone should have a pair of stylish leather gloves. (Sorry, I don't make the rules.) These ones feel ultra luxurious because they have a cashmere lining that reviewers rave about.

Rave review: "Quality leather is soft and supple. The cashmere lining is beautifully done and very soft. This company's delivery was prompt and the packaging was deluxe with great presentation."

Talk about a bang for your buck—for under $15, you'll get three gloves in a pack. These wool gloves have touchscreen-enabled finger padding, a wool lining, and come in several color combos. Plus, they're anti-slip, so your hands will stay put on the wheel if you're driving or carrying something heavy while wearing them.

Rave review: "These gloves were perfect. I tried them on and they were very comfy and not itchy at all, which impressed me since I have sensitive skin on my hands. Additionally, the grip is amazing. It’s helpful and does not cause discomfort like other gloves I’ve hand. A plus side is that you can still use your phone while wearing them."

These gloves are perfect for running. Although there aren't any reviews on them yet, they had to be featured because they're specifically designed to keep you warm while being breathable, lightweight, and sweat-wicking.

If you want style and function, I've got you. These patterned knit gloves have had the best reviews for being as warm as they are lightweight. Plus, they have touchscreen-enabled finger pads, which are a must for those adorable snowy selfies you'll be taking.

Rave review: "I ordered these gloves because I work in retail and have to be in the freezer getting product. My hands and fingers get so cold. With these gloves, they stay nice and toasty. They are a very nice quality, thick, comfy and warm. I love the touchscreen fingertips and the thickness of the gloves are perfect. I will be buying more as gifts for my employees!"

Lined with fleece to provide lots of warmth, these leather-looking gloves are super cute and designed specifically to give you a strong grip—an essential if you're using them while driving, for example. People love the 14 color options this comes in, too.

Rave review: "I bought these gloves for driving. With rheumatoid arthritis, cold and damp weather is a nightmare on my hands, causing pain and stiffness that makes me lose my grip. I had a concern that I wouldn't have a good grip on the steering wheel while wearing gloves but I tried these out today as soon as I received them and they were perfect. Perfect grip, perfect fit, very soft, and warm. They are very well made—lightweight, but toasty warm. The stitching is strong and will hold up well. Great price, super fast delivery. I'd definitely buy again!"

Reviewers love the waterproof feature on these gloves, specifically on ski trips—which means they'll also keep you prepared for any impromptu snowball fights. They're insulated well, but also feature a moisture-wicking liner to make sure you won't end up with wet or sweaty palms.

Cable Knit Hat Rave review: "I ordered these gloves for a four day-long ski trip and loved them. As with anything, you have to consider the price to judge performance. At this price point, I was very impressed. Two of the days were in the mid-30s and the gloves did very well. One of the days was 15 degrees Fahrenheit with blizzard snow and 40-50 mph wind gusts. MOST of the time, my hands were pretty good."